My love for video started when I was in high school. Some of my friends and I started making basketball trick shot videos for YouTube. Being the one who loved tech the most, I took it upon myself to run the camera and edit the videos. From there I experimented with some wrestling highlight and travel videos before fully diving in during college and making it my main source of income. By the time I graduated, I had enough consistent work to be making videos full-time. I haven’t slowed down since. Now I operate under the business name “Flow Media LLC” but still act as a solo Director of Photography and Editor. Currently my strongest areas are in events and promotional content for both brands and ministries, but am quickly moving towards the cinema and short documentary world. I am so thankful of where I’ve came in the past few years and see myself continuing to grow and take on bigger projects as a DP and Editor.


—  My Story

My story starts early high school with Jesus captured my heart as someone who was real and loved me so much that He would sacrifice everything to be a part of my life. This was revealed to me even more as my dad, Don, passed away from brain cancer after I graduated high school. As I came into college I found a church, New Creation World Outreach Church, that opened my eyes even further to God's heart for prayer and missions. Through various teachers and trips, it is abundantly clear to me that we are all called to be a part of reaching the parts of the world that do not yet know the good news of Jesus, whether that be as someone who goes to them or someone who sends. I am excited to see how I am able to glorify Christ with my life as I grow and move towards being a missionary overseas. 

—  Cru Mission Trips

The summers of 2016 and 2017 I had the opportunity to leave my home and spend time with other groups of people sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. In 2016 I was in South Carolina for 10 weeks. This really helped me see how worthy Jesus was of me stopping my own desires and rearranging my life around His Kingdom. In 2017 I was able to spend a few weeks in the Middle East sharing this same good news. That summer gave me a new level of vision for how broken many areas of the world are. The fact that people can grow up and live their whole life without hearing that Jesus is Lord broke my heart. 

—  ACTS Mission Trip

This last summer I was able to spend another few weeks in the middle east. I saw the brokenness again along with the true cost of giving away my own life for the sake of the Gospel. The lives the long term missionaries in the area were not easy, but God sustains them. This passion that they have for Jesus is one I desire to have. He is worthy of my life. And there are far too many people that have not yet heard. Matthew 9:36-38